Made-to-Measure Data Collection

All VIGA solutions are supported by proprietary smart technology. That’s what makes us faster and more flexible while retaining the highest quality.

Choosing the right solution

We can take ownership of the entire process or you can pick and choose which elements you need.

The Full Service Study offers the complete package from start to finish. But we’re just as happy working side-by-side with your in-house team, or we can run a study directly to your own CRM list or customer database.

Your dedicated Project Consultant will guide you every step on the way.

Full Service Study

Let us run your entire project from start to finish.

The Full Service solution is ideal for businesses without in-house market research capability. It’s also useful for agencies working at full capacity – you get rapid insights without adding to your own researchers’ workload. We take care of every step of the process: interviewing, scripting, programming, hosting, data processing and visualization. You sit back and see the results in real time.

Sample Only

This option is designed for businesses with in-house capabilities.

Perhaps your own researchers have the ability to run data collection studies but can’t reach the right consumer profile. You might be missing specific demographics or locations.

The Sample Only Study is highly cost effective and delivers results quickly. We frequently deliver short, general population sample studies within a few hours. Or if you’re after 10 minute studies of 5,000+ respondents we can deliver all respondents within just 24 hours.


Collect consistent data throughout the year to track your key KPIs.

Whether you are looking to track awareness of your brand, the effectiveness of your advertising over the year, or just to keep a pulse of the market, VIGA are experts in running tracking studies for all audiences.

Experts in daily, weekly and monthly tracking, we will ensure consistent outputs for you, from raw data to fully bespoke KPI reports.

Single & Multi-Country

Ask the right people the right questions in over eighty countries worldwide.

VIGA conducts studies that are culturally and linguistically specific. If you need help translating existing survey questions we can do that too – into twenty languages (and counting).

From New York to Newquay, if you need a highly targeted study, we can even focus on a small area such as a single town.

Client Audience

You give us access to your customer list, we conduct a study on your behalf.

We can run a customer satisfaction survey, test products, introduce a new product or service or statistically analyze your existing clients.

Fast and straightforward with clear results, this is the perfect solution for consumer or corporate clients and management consultants.

Discover new ways to make data collection work for you