VIGA’s team of experienced consultants help design the perfect survey. You get accurate, actionable data first time round.

Over 10,000 responses in less than 24hours

Our proprietary technology is designed by our specialist researchers. Here’s a bit more detail about what it offers:

Full customization of the respondent’s survey experience

UK/EU hosted data warehousing

Live survey completion reporting

Quota and target progress checking

The capacity to modify a live survey

Survey Support

Our specialists can create the right look and feel for a survey.

We can also advise you how to improve an existing one, increasing the response rate and minimizing drop-out. Our design process is highly adaptable and we welcome client input.

Survey Programming

VIGA’s custom-made scripting platform gives us full flexibility.

The quality and quantity of questions are paramount. We know how to make surveys engaging and user-friendly so respondents have no desire to abandon half way through. A high response rate leads to fast data delivery.

Audience Access

Efficient sampling connects you to the right people.

We use demographic and attitudinal segmentation based on extensive and regularly updated customer profiling to help you reach either a specific target group or a broad customer profile. The respondents you need are among the 10 million consumers available to us and, whoever they are, we can find them.

Data Processing

We scrutinize, evaluate and analyze all the data collected.

We verify, organize and integrate information in order to extract useful patterns and meaningful insights. You can rest assured that quality checks such as data cleansing and verbatim coding underpin VIGA’s entire process.

Data Visualization

VIGA can provide both standard data tables or dynamic charts.

Dynamic data visualization is the most effective way to understand data. This approach will enable you to find insights faster than ever before. We can also provide row data, giving you full control of the data output. You can download reports in a host of different formats: row data, MaxDiff, Regression, Cluster analysis and more.


VIGA Approach

Research Knowledge

The VIGA team is made up of hand-picked industry experts.

We are problem solvers. Our goal is to make your experience of working with us highly productive and stress free. Data collection is our business. We’re ideally placed to take on all or some of your research needs.

Full Customization

Get fast insights and improve survey response rates by fully customizing the look and feel of your questionnaire.

Surveys that reflect your brand identity lead to a seamless and more engaging experience for respondents, who are in turn more likely to complete them.

Customization is available throughout the process, from the survey environment to the final data report. VIGA is also happy to deliver white-label reports.

24/7 Coverage

Your research project is live 24/7 from the moment it’s launched.

Your data will be delivered to you as soon as the project has closed, no matter what time or what day of the week that is. VIGA’s team of programming technicians work around the clock too, so they can monitor your study and adapt it if required.

Single Point of Contact

All communication between you and VIGA goes through a dedicated Project Consultant.

They are familiar with every element of the study so can quickly implement changes and keep you up to speed. For more complex studies your Project Consultant works alongside a Paired Project Manager, who is a specialist in scripting, design, programming or data processing.

Proprietary Technology

VIGA’s state-of-the-art technology adapts itself to you.

It’s flexible and delivers results fast. Because all our services run on proprietary software, we can adapt every detail to fit your business. That means customized question writing and design (the look and feel of your survey) and customized data delivery (how we package the responses). Speed is paramount. We work around the clock so you get extremely quick results. Delivering short general population sample studies within a few hours is standard.

Industries We Serve

Market Research

VIGA’s highly adaptive technology and global access make it a vital partner for numerous market research companies. We plug gaps in sampling – demographic or geographic – so your clients reach the right target consumer. Plus, if you’re stretched, we have the expertize to run a whole research project, or part of a project, on your behalf.

Media and advertising

We understand that media and ad agencies need to demonstrate effectiveness pre and post-campaign. VIGA’s one-off studies help agencies close-in on a successful strategy – right budget, right message, right audience – and real-time data gives them the power to analyse and enhance a live campaign.

Financial Services and Management Consulting

VIGA is an exceptionally responsive data provider. We work around the clock because our clients do. Our technology is flexible enough to run bespoke studies from a firm’s own database or CRM system. And when we promise fast turnaround, we really mean it: 24 hours from brief to data delivery, if that’s how fast you need it.


VIGA gives you the power to take strategic decisions with confidence. We work consultatively, finding out exactly what information companies need and getting it to them quickly and efficiently. We can run a full study from start to finish, or support your in-house researchers by taking on one aspect: scripting, sampling or hosting.

Fast and flexible solutions custom-made for your business