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In a recent interview for GrowthBusiness, Lewis Reeves, founder of VIGA, talks on the importance of culture in large organisations, managing work-life balance and the importance of recruiting only the best talent available. The following is an excerpt from that interview – click here to view the full article.



Entrepreneur interview: Lewis Reeves, founder of VIGA


VIGA is a technology-driven data company that has grown its revenues from £6.5 million last year to a projected £12 million this year. Here, founder Lewis Reeves discusses company culture in large organisations, managing work-life balance in a scale-up businesses, and the importance of hiring only the best talent.


When was the businesss started and what were you doing beforehand?

We launched in October, 2016. The launch was both a very exciting and nerve-wrecking time. Not only did I have the pressure of a new business venture on my shoulders, I had a newborn baby at home and we’d just agreed that my wife would be a stay-at-home parent. This wasn’t a side business for me: it was a financial necessity. It became a make or break point in supporting my young family.

Before launch, I worked for corporate market research businesses and, after choosing not to go to university and enrol in higher education, it was vital for me to learn as much as I could on the job. I soaked up as much information, knowledge and skills as I could absorb.

People often question my choice not to go to university, but it has really helped me throughout my entrepreneurial journey and continues to do so. Having not gone to university I understand that I’m not the complete product; I have to keep learning, even at CEO level. This is something I have not only instilled within myself but, within my work force as well. Our culture at VIGA is that we don’t know everything, we want to keep learning and that we need to constantly strive to better our skills.


How did you get the idea?

VIGA was born out of a challenge; how quickly and efficiently could we deliver vital data to businesses? I felt there was a faster, more cost-effective way to give clients access to the data they needed for their work, 24/7. We developed our proprietary technology to streamline the entire data collection process.

Last year’s annual turnover was £6.5 million and this year we are on track to make £12 million. To reach such a fantastic figure is a true credit to the VIGA team but it’s not surprising, as I am aware of just how hard they work to deliver the results we need.

From previous career experiences, I have learned that your team is the most vital cog in the big wheel of business. I’ve historically worked in big organisations in which, in my opinion, you can begin to lose the connection between people: listening to others and acting on what they say. At VIGA, we ensure that we give our employees a voice and a co-operative and engaging environment in which they can thrive and grow.