school visit

Last week, we put on a Research Taster Day for twenty children from Chiswick School aged fourteen and fifteen. They took part in interactive sessions involving quick-fire activities such as surveys with real-time results and live challenges with us.

In the first session of its kind, we wanted to inspire and educate the children about the world of market research with talks, activities and Q&As. The day was designed to immerse them in the power and potential of what we do here at VIGA.

Overall, the feedback was brilliant and we’re hoping to make this a regular event.

“This is an age group that is actively encouraged to give opinions and is frequently exposed to questionnaires and the results of studies, but don’t necessarily have the understanding of what lies behind them,” explained Danielle Rodriguez, Director of Sales Strategy and Operations.

“We were keen to bring the industry to life, in an interactive way, giving snapshots of the different roles and hands-on experience of what each involves. Historically, market research is an industry people start to discover at a later stage – but there’s no reason we can’t share our passion and make it relevant to this age group too.”