Invigorating Research

A team of hand-picked experts across all elements of the data collection process, VIGA has quickly become one of the fastest growing businesses in research.

We’re a new arrival, creating waves in the market research sector with our energetic approach to data collection.

Launched in 2016, out of the London offices of communications group Next Fifteen, VIGA was really born out of a challenge: just how much faster and more efficient could data collection become? In response, we designed our own proprietary smart technology to streamline smart access to audience and data delivery so our clients get vital information faster. Fully scalable depending on your needs, we can offer you quick solutions or more in-depth studies working independently or alongside your team.

We provide our clients with unparalleled global audience access, with the ability to reach hundreds of millions of people across the world. Our experienced, tech-driven team of researchers, analysts and tech experts combine superbly to give you the best data collection solutions on the market. We also have an excellent track record of predicting trends in data analysis, which keeps competitors second guessing.

“VIGA challenges the status quo. We knew data collection could be done better! And in doing so we make clients lives easier.”



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